About Us

CEY Defense is a young and dynamic company founded by engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience in defense and simulation sectors. The average experience of the personnel is more than 15 years.

The main field of activity of our company is advanced and comprehensive simulation technologies and our primary target sector is defense industry. CEY Defense aims to be Turkey’s pioneer and leading company on advanced simulation technologies with its innovative systems and unique applications; likewise a well-known brand in the world.

We have focused on providing creative, innovative and distinctive solutions to our customers with the values, opportunities and capabilities we have. It is our priority to meet customer needs with superior quality, on time, in budget and with cost effective solutions. In addition to these, we aim to support customer expectations by using high technology and competing with similar companies in the world. In addition to simulation, we continue our R & D activities in areas such as environment modeling, scenario development and execution, data fusion, command control, human machine interaction for defense industry.

Ceylan Group is one of Turkey’s major companies operating on construction, tourism and energy sectors since 1956. CEY Investment Inc. was established in 2003 under the roof of CEYLAN Group and produced the world-quality successful turnkey solutions with its experienced staff in the field of engineering and management, modern machinery park and innovative business understanding. CEY Defense and Simulation Systems is one of the companies under the umbrella of CEY Investment Inc. The majority of the Company’s shares are owned by this group and the company’s founding partners, consisting of experienced engineers, have also company shares.