Development Infrastructure

In our company, mature and proven development infrastructures are used in system and test engineering and software engineering. For this purpose, technologies such as Qt, Swing, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion are used for user interaction design and development and additionally applications such as touchscreen interfaces, virtual and augmented reality are utilized. Cross platform applications that can work in different environments such as Windows, Linux and Android are being developed. Various design patterns are used in design and development, and object oriented analysis and design are preferred in projects and agile methods are also used if appropriate.

For high performance computing, methods and technologies such as parallel programming, concurrency, multi-threaded design, GPU programming, data-oriented programming, element / component systems, and actor-based systems are used. Different database applications such as Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql; web-based applications such as html5, LibGdx; geographical information systems such as ESRI, Luciad; HLA and DIS compatible interoperability infrastructures such as MAK, Pitch, NGPro are used.