Our Capabilities-Simulation Infrastructures

As CEY Defense, one of our main fields of study is simulation infrastructures.

  • Wargame framework work is our the most serious infrastructure work on this subject.
  • High-level architecture is one of the most known standards for the interoperability of simulation systems. In this regard, we develop the run-time infrastructure in accordance with the IEEE 1516 standard and together with the sub-products that will be very useful in integration, such as logging, visualization and automatic code generation.
  • Another competence in this area is tactical environmental simulation. Tactical environment is the infrastructure that provides an environment needed for tactical training of mission simulators. The fixed and mobile entities included in the virtual training environment are defined, the virtual training scenario is constructed, the scenario designed and replayed after the training is completed.
  • Another area that is used as an infrastructure in the simulation world is modeling and the software infrastructure that run the models. For this purpose, we aim at combining a large number of models developed in different characteristics and fidelity levels in a library environment and presenting this to simulation systems as a service.

Our Products