Simulation Infrastructures

The modeling and simulation technologies, which have been widely used in the world and in our country in recent years, have become increasingly important after the United States officially declared this area as one of the national critical technologies in 2007. In the world of modeling and simulation, which is widely used in education, analysis, design and entertainment, infrastructures used in the design and production of products have become increasingly standardized, and technologies developed in this field have begun to lead technologies in other areas.

Simulation infrastructures; usually used to refer to the software components required to run the corresponding simulation system. Modeling and simulation infrastructures are handled under 3 main categories according to M&S BoK (Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge): Standards, databases and capabilities. In these categories, components such as models, physical media, scenarios, data, parameters, simulation components, interoperability, standards, databases are given as some of the concepts that constitute the content of this infrastructure. According to the Modeling and Simulation Dictionary defined by the US Department of Defense, modeling and simulation systems and applications, communication, networks, architectures, standards, protocols and information source databases are considered as the components that make up these infrastructures.

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